Elastify’s cybersecurity resources are trusted advisors who can help you address your people, process, and technology needs. 


Our model allows you to engage a resource who understands your requirements and delivers what your company needs.


Connecting customers with senior trusted security advisors to help address your pressing cybersecurity and GRC initiatives.

Penetration Testing

Providing customers with experienced penetration testers to find vulnerabilities within their applications and networks.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Elastify’s GRC personnel help maturing organizations identify and mitigate business risks, meet and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements, while implementing manageable processes across the organization.

Audit Readiness

Providing compliance focussed resources, who are able to assess your current state and lead your organization to the desired level of regulatory compliance.

Threat Risk Assessment

Helping organizations understand the threats and risks posed against them to help maximize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and data.


Cloud computing is always evolving to offer new features and capabilities while providing economies of scale pricing. Elastify’s cloud specialists are committed to understanding and incorporating these advantages so you get the most out of your cloud deployments. 

Cloud Migration

Helping clients create, move, and optimize their workloads in the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure). 

Cost Optimization

Helping organizations understand and implement cost controlling automations and processes, in order to reduce and control their cloud spend. 


Configuration Review

Helping clients review their existing solution deployments, by reviewing the overall architecture and configuration of those systems in scope. 

Solution Deployment

Helping clients deploy a range of enterprise IT solutions, like Palo Alto NGFW, F5 Load Balancers, NetApp Storage arrays etc. 


Elastify can help you assess, design, and deploy a range of traditional and modern data center solutions. By engaging those with a proven track record in a specific solution vertical, our resources can address your needs.  


Microsoft Enablement


Helping clients deploy SharePoint as a central data repository and content management platform, which streamlines routine document management tasks.

o365 Migration

Helping clients migrate their existing mail deployments to Office 365. 

Elastify’s Microsoft partners can help you utilize a wide range of Microsoft services. From on-prem Exchange to Microsoft Office 365, we are here to help you enable collaboration and streamline your services.