What We Do

Elastify acts as a natural extension of your team. We are an ecosystem of validated technical resources and partners ready to help customers rapidly scale up their business’ capabilities during times of need and change.

The ecosystem consists of a deep pool of technical resources that support consulting, advisory, solution development and delivery projects in the realm of cloud, security and infrastructure.

Our Approach

Listen  - to the end state required. 

Engage - the right resource, teams, and solutions to solve the problem.

Deliver - the desired outcome, by working collaboratively with our customers. 


Our Vision

Elastify introduces a new form of value to its customers by  employing a business model of Cost Transparency, Resource Consistency, and Project Agility.

We aim to modernize the way IT services are delivered, so that organizations are no longer being sold by the "A" team, only to have the "C" team delivery. 

In order to offer a better experience, we empower our customers with choice and reduce friction throughout the process, putting them back in control. 


Our Philosophy

Technology forces organizations to always adapt and change. It’s impossible to be prepared for every single IT requirement and the gap between the supply and demand for IT professionals has never been larger. 


What is Open-Sourced IT Service Delivery? 


We believe that quality IT service delivery is contingent on the skill and experience of the individual(s) assigned to complete a scope of work. Consulting firms today often feel constrained by the size, capability, and availability of their full-time bench on staff. Many are forced to find creative 3rd party strategies to deliver at the very last minute, weeks after satisfying all full-time staff options. 


More and more of the best and brightest IT professionals are choosing the path of entrepreneurship. They are choosing the path of determining when, how, and where they work. They pride themselves in providing an exceptional outcome for their customers but sometimes worry about where that next customer may come from. 


Elastify is Canada’s first Open-Sourced IT Service Delivery firm focused on building and fostering an open ecosystem of service delivery professionals. We aim to connect our customers with the right resource, right away regardless of source. Our ecosystem is a built-in validated network of the top resources and partners in their respective disciplines. Our Consulting Services team have the expertise to understand the business context to a technical problem and connect you within 48 hours to a person or team that can help. 


By combining the speed and agility of the staffing industry and the breadth and depth of ‘big consulting’, customers enjoy a trusted service at competitive rates. 

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